Pacific 2012 Testimonials

There are very few firsts left in the world. Rowing the Pacific has yet to be conquered by a solo Briton, which gives an indication as to just how hard it really is.

Oceans are wonderful, magical places where nature has total control. At times a harsh reminder comes so you can remember just how hostile and savage the Ocean can be. Uninterrupted horizons, a huge expanse of water, wildlife in its natural habitat and the power of the ocean wave and weather system is why we all return. I have a 60 foot boat that keeps me safe and at times I feel like a cork bobbing out of control, so to imagine what Charlie will experience with the Pacific 2012 Row is breath taking. A row boat suddenly becomes extremely small and my hat goes off to him for taking on this challenge.

Life alone for months at a time, facing extreme conditions I can relate to, but to experience all this rowing across the Pacific is incredible, but if someone is going to do it then Charlie Martell is your man. Driven and focussed enough with a level of insanity to actually pull this off. Go for it and stay strong. I will be sending positive vibes the whole way.

Dee Caffari, MBE – Professional Yachtswoman, World Records Holder & Toe in the Water Ambassador

“I have really enjoyed sailing with Charlie in several sailing regattas with the Toe in the Water Charity. He is a pillar of strength at the mast – the working end of the boat. It has also been very exciting going through the plans for the North Transpacific Row with Charlie, as it is a route that I know well, having achieved the sailing speed record a few years ago. The route Charlie is taking is a massive challenge, far longer, more isolated, and with tougher weather conditions than a Transatlantic – and if anyone can pull it off, it’s Charlie Martell.  Meticulous planning, fitness and a determination to succeed, are the qualities needed, and that Charlie has in spades!”

Brian Thompson – Professional Yachtsman, World Records Holder & Toe in the Water Ambassador

“The positive energy that exudes from Charlie is utterly and totally inspirational. A great friend who has all the qualities necessary for this journey. He will row The Pacific with an energy, an enthusiasm and focus that will inspire all that learn of his voyage”.

Ben Goss – Chairman, Give Them a Sporting Chance


“I have known Charlie since 1992 when we served together in the British Army. We sailed together for the Royal Engineers Yacht Club, which often saw us competing to become Army champions. Something we achieved often!

Charlie thrives on being able to give to those less fortunate and he is a man who’s cup is always half full. I have seen this of Charlie over the last 3 years with his volunteering with the charity ‘Toe in the Water’. The charity’s aim of re-engaging injured servicemen is achieved by people like Charlie with his inspirational ways. His infectious smile and zest for life seen by the injured servicemen is what drives them to better themselves.

In life we all come across obstacles which are often difficult to overcome. Charlie however steps forward to face extreme obstacles and challenges that mere mortals would run and hide from. Pacific 2012 is one of the most extreme challenges – if there is anyone that can do it though it’s Charlie Martell!

The selfless commitment and dedication that he gives to TitW is outstanding and he will continue to re-inspire the injured servicemen that he aids through rehabilitation. He is an individual who has chosen goals which are never easy to accomplish but he has always achieved the impossible. His love of the sea and passion for going that extra mile is what makes Charlie an extraordinary person!”

Lloyd Hamilton, Toe in the Water, Director, MBE

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