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Kind regards,


  • Ferg Gladstone:

    Hi mate-
    glad that you are safe and sound, although obviously sorry to hear the news.

    Great effort, and think we are all in awe that you would even contemplate doing such a challenge.

  • Helen Outen:

    Hi Charlie,
    Hope you are getting some well deserved R&R . Hope there’s not been too many nightmares and that you’ve had some decent sleep. Take care.
    Helen Outen

  • Ivan:

    Ciao Charlie. You’re always great. Important is not to arrive but the gain feelings during the track, a real unique treasure. Lucky man!!!

  • BMW biker:

    ciao Charlie,

    hapy to know you are safe.

  • Helen Outen:

    Hi Charlie,
    Good morning. Hope seas calming down a bit to give you some respite. Sarah ok, very tired, but awaiting pick up soon. Bag all packed and ready………not long now lad, keep kicking ass!!!!

  • Giles Hadland:

    Charlie, have just seen the news. Thinking of you mate, hang in there and stay strong, be proud in what you have achieved we are, and focus on getting back safe. I look forward to buying you a few pints in the anchor on your return. Giles and Ruth

  • Helen Outen:

    Hi Charlie,
    Hope you are ok. Sarah is in the thick of it. She’s had at least one capsize but says she’s ok. Everything is crossed for you both. STAY SAFE!!!!
    Helen Outen

  • BMW biker:

    Charlie, could you please move faster?
    there are a lot of NTSs waiting you here!!!!!!


  • Mike H:


    I’m glad everything’s going well out there, people here in Iraq are talking about the row – the Brits at least and the ginger kiwi, oh and the gay Italian Biker Gianni – and following your progress daily. We all know you’ll crack it and it’s just a matter of the time you’ll do it in…………..

    Chin up shippers and keep the good progress up.


    Mike H

  • Richard Scarth:

    Charlie, I saw Sam in the week and asked where you were. He said somewhere in the Pacific. I said what. Next day I told MLV she said what? Drinks at our place again in Dubai this Thursday for the Kabul Kuchis if your done by then! Good luck Richard

  • Michy Baker:

    Hey Charlie

    Am following you everyday, and am so very proud of you. Keep up the good work matey.


    Michy xxx

  • Emma Byrne:

    Your smiling face brightened my train journey when I saw the article in The Metro last week so I came to wish you good luck! Keep smiling and I know you won’t be defeated!
    You’re one in a million ;-) )

    EmmaB xx

  • Andrew Winterbotham:

    Charlie, the family are enjoying reading your updates. One question….were you ever a Scout?

  • Andy Falconer & all at St Olave's School, York:

    Hi Charlie

    We promised to follow your adventures and we are – it doesn’t seem long since you brought Blossom in to school for us to see! Hard to believe you’re now both out on the ocean. I’m talking in assembly on Friday about resilience and your challenge epitomises it perfectly. I’ll be showing the pupils your latest video diary and updates. The thought of being strapped in to your bunk for 3 days with that flag flapping above your head is not something I can easily imagine. I hope you’re in good spirits and physically well.
    Best wishes.
    Andy & all at St Olave’s School, York

  • William Stratton:

    Hi Charlie,
    I just saw your story on the discovery channel, and I want to wish you a safe journey.

    I live in northern Manitoba Canada and what you are doing is very amazing and you are very lucky to be doing what you love.

    Live long and prospher.


  • Helen Outen:

    Hi Charlie,
    You may have guessed by the name, …..I am Sarah’s Mum…and am watching your progress as I shall be watching hers when she departs Choshi too.
    Take care , that there ocean is BIG and brash……………………BUT I hope that “she” ( the ocean,) holds you gently as you make your way across. Enjoy the whales and the other wildlife , but most of all………….STAY SAFE!!!!!!!
    Best wishes,
    Helen Outen

  • Heather:

    Well done looks like you’ve made a great start, you tell that Blossom to take good care of you!
    This page is great will follow you everyday.
    Take care

  • Ben Fouracre:

    Hi Charlie,

    Hours few to push before your epic trip. As your rowing partner for the New York to UK row in 2006 I can understand what emotions you are currently going through. Charlie you have one tough task ahead but I believe with your strength and spirit you can do it. We spent many an hour getting to know each other and those memories will last a lifetime. Charlie, we wish you all the best for your journey, what you are doing is amazing. Take care and stay safe. Ben, Sarah, Georgia and Morgan Fouracre.

  • Peta Malherbe:

    Hi Charlie!

    Just checking on you again!


  • Ivan:

    Don’t forget MSR!!!! :)

  • John Martell:

    From one Martell to another.
    This one also Solent/New Forest, but exiled in Devon.
    I wish you all the very best Charlie in your adventures, and safe returns.
    John Martell.

  • Peta Malherbe:

    Hi Charlie!!

    Decided to check up on you again and what crazy thing I find you about to do! You can do this if anybody can! Now I know what you are up to I will check more regulary.

    Take care and best of luck



  • Wigs Catto:

    Dear Charlie,

    Many thanks for coming to talk to the children at Beaudesert Park School last Saturday. They all really enjoyed it and I am sure you have inspired more than one to achieve. We wish you the very best of luck with your row and I’m sure the School would love to have you back to tell your tales on your return. The children will be following you on the school plasma screens and will also be looking out for the logo on the oars!

    Kind regards

    Wigs Catto
    Chair The Friends of Beaudesert Park School

  • Eliza Cheesman:

    Thank you for Cuming to see us at School thankyou for leting me in the bot and taking a pichur of me with you. It wus funy wen you made miss lund go on the petend bot!! xxxxxxxxxxxx luve luve luve you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from Eliza Blossomxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sam Maydew:

    Dear Charlie,

    Your sister came into my shop in Cirencester (The Nutrition Centre) and I was asking her about the jacket she was wearing. It was advertising your adventure. I have now looked you up and as a fellow sailor who has sailed across the Pacific, all be it in a 120 foot sailing yacht mostly along the equator and not an 8 foot rowing boat up north, I would like to wish you the very best of luck. I hope all goes well and I will be following your progress on the internet. It is an amazing thing that you are doing……go for it !!!

  • Nicholas Priest:

    Hi David best of luck! Hope you smash it and come home safe!!!!!
    best regards, Nick

  • David Nathan:

    Hi Charlie, It was an honour, and a pleasure to meet you. I hope all goes well with your venture. We need both heros and lunatics – both of your endearing qualities. David

    • charlie:

      Hi David, Thank you for your kind words of support. Lunatic!? It has been said before!! Feel free to follow me on my Pacific 2012 Facebook page.for regular updates.
      Best regards,

  • Elizabeth Staveley:

    How’s it going? Great web site. Where are you in the world at the moment? You are going to make the most incredible journey in every way and wish you luck in the preparations. Lizzie x

  • Sharon Edwards:

    The very best of luck to a brave and inspiring guy x

  • Romaine Flint Wood:

    Wishing you lots of luck for the row!

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