In May 2012 double Guinness World Record holder Charlie Martell will row solo and unsupported for 6,000 miles across the North Pacific from Japan to the USA to raise funds for two charities, and to set a new Guinness World Record for the first and fastest solo Briton.

Charlie first launched the idea for Pacific 2012 after an inspiring meeting with a charity he has been involved with for many years, Give Them A Sporting Chance which enables those with disabilities – of all ages – to complete their sporting ambitions. Martell is also a core crew member of another charity, Toe in the Water who offer competitive sailing for servicemen and women who have often suffered traumatic injuries. Bringing these two charities together has been Martell’s mission in the last year and he has been the powerhouse behind the Pacific 2012 challenge which aims to raise much needed funds for both organisations.
Charlie Martell is a Mine Action Specialist who started his career serving with the British Army in Iraq and also in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Having sailed as a child and with family links to the Royal Navy stretching back generations, Martell is very at home on the water. Swapping his sails for oars, this challenge will be the ultimate test in mental strength and endurance. All the qualities that he possesses and will put in to practice for the epic journey that lies ahead of him.
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As you’ve just read my goal is to set a new world record for the fastest solo ocean-row crossing the Pacific Ocean in May 2012. The route across the “Everest of The Oceans” could take me more than six months to complete, but to take the world record I will have to do it in just four months whilst battling through the typhoon season, the Pacific Ring of Fire and dodging migrating whales!

Two (French) ocean rowers have completed a solo row on this treacherous west-to-east crossing, but neither has made the crossing unsupported, land-t0-land.   I intend to become the first person to make that crossing alone and unsupported  - I will take all my food and provisions with me, and take nothing else on board once I have left Japan).

If you feel inspired by my challenge and would like to help me top-up my fundraising for the charities that I am rowing for please click on the JustGiving donate button. You’ll also find me on Facebook and Twitter where you can catch up on my daily news!

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Pacific 2012

Charlie Martell's attempt to row the Pacific Ocean solo - with new records in his sights...

NEWS 2148BST 8 Jun

Posted: June 8, 2012, 8:48 pm
BREAKING NEWS 2148BST 8 Jun Shore Support in the UK received a call from MV Last Tycoon at 2118 this evening, with the news that the ship’s Russian crew had recovered Charlie Martell safe and well, following the damage sustained to his boat Blossom during tropical storm Mawar on 7 June. Charlie spoke briefly to [...]


Posted: June 8, 2012, 9:07 am
Shore Support is tracking Blossom and Charlie.  Our last direct contact with Charlie was yesterday afternoon, when he experienced difficulties with the on-board electrical and communications systems.  We suspect the small amount of water that entered the cabin following the bulkhead accident has interfered with its operation. The Japanese Coastguard has informed us this morning [...]


Posted: June 7, 2012, 9:04 pm
LATEST UPDATE 2204BST 7 JUNE Still waiting to hear official confirmation but sources in Japan have reported that local news has been carrying news stories about Charlie and Sarah Outen, his British compatriot whose boat Gulliver was also damaged by Mawar. In particular, the channel has reported that an aircraft reached Charlie’s position at about [...]

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