Shore Support in the UK received a call from MV Last Tycoon at 2118 this evening, with the news that the ship’s Russian crew had recovered Charlie Martell safe and well, following the damage sustained to his boat Blossom during tropical storm Mawar on 7 June.

Charlie spoke briefly to his support team to confirm that he is in good shape and uninjured, following a 36-hour wait since issuing the mayday signal.

Attempts will be made by the crew of Last Tycoon to recover ‘Blossom’, his ocean rowing boat.  The vessel, which was en route from Sakaide to Vancouver, was alerted to Charlie’s situation by the Japan Coastguard and was able to make a minor alteration to its course to effect Charlie’s recovery.

Pacific 2012 wants to thank the Japanese Coastguard for its effective and professional response in co-ordinating Charlie’s rescue, and to Falmouth Coastguard in the UK for its rapid response to the initial EPIRB alert.  We would also like to thank all those who have sent so many encouraging messages during the last 36 hours.

Charlie will arrive in Vancouver in about ten days’ time.  He is hugely grateful to the crew of the MV Last Tycoon for their assistance and professionalism in recovering him and his boat.

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