Shore Support is tracking Blossom and Charlie.  Our last direct contact with Charlie was yesterday afternoon, when he experienced difficulties with the on-board electrical and communications systems.  We suspect the small amount of water that entered the cabin following the bulkhead accident has interfered with its operation.

The Japanese Coastguard has informed us this morning that when their plane earlier overflew Blossom, they were able to speak to Charlie via VHF. After refuelling, the plane will return to his position and repeat contact.

Rescue is still expected at 0200BST tomorrow morning.

  • Andrea from Basra:

    Hi habibi,
    what about you? So you decided to prove to all of us that you’re able to win even the storm? Oh mate, it wasn’t necessary! All of the person who know you, already knows!!! Anyway come back as soon as you can, we need to know you safe and well.
    A presto!

  • Helen Outen:

    Have a good rest Charlie!!!

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