At approximately 0900BST Charlie had to issue a distress call to Falmouth Coastguard, following damage sustained to his boat while passing through tropical storm Mawar.  Strong winds and heavy seas led to the repeated capsize of his boat Blossom.  She then pitch-poled, causing structural damage and leaving Charlie no choice but to abort the voyage and call for assistance.

The team’s emergency procedures have been put into action and Shore Support is co-ordinating the rescue attempt with Falmouth and the Japanese Coastguard.

Charlie is unhurt and still on-board Blossom.  The storm has not yet subsided, although it appears to be past its peak and winds are soon expected to drop to more manageable levels.

A fast patrol vessel is on its way to Charlie’s location and is expected to arrive alongside him at approximately 0200hrs on 9 June.

Charlie’s family have been informed of the situation.

  • Steve Dawson:

    Glad to see you`re safe mate. The Vivaldi boys were out on a reunion when we got the news. Have to say, Coldplay in the rain is a lot easier than ocean rowing these days. Regards, Steve Rocky Mo and Rob.

  • Guy Griffiths:

    Great effort Charlie! I’m sure we’ll be hearing about you again soon.

  • Nick Thompson:

    Well done. There will be another time. Good to see that the TA is still doing the extraordinary.

  • tim peacock:

    Brave guy and braver to call for help…god speed the coast guard.

    I’m sure Charlie has weathered more than a few storms in his illustrious career.

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