After a rather warm and uncomfortable night, I was looking forward to getting on the oars again, after a breakfast of porridge and sultanas. The wind was, as expected, blowing from the North and the plan was that I would try to hold a course of 060 degrees and if that become too hard, to slip down to 090 degrees. Soon after setting off, I realised it was going to be a tough day, every stroke was hard and the distance earned was meagre. After about 45 minutes, across the port side, I saw a flying fish – wow, they really can fly! I wasn’t too impressed with the landing though… it seemed to bounce from one wave crest to the next, rather like a skimming stone! A further 45 minutes and I realised I had only completed a single mile, but had put loads of effort it. I stopped for water and within those few seconds, I was being pushed west, rapidly… not south. I took the decision to deploy the para-anchor and to wait for the wind to die down and for the waves to die down, in the hope that I could take to the oars again a bit later… I went back to the oars a few hours later, but even less headway was being made… para-anchor it is then until further notice…

If you’ve not yet seen the ‘dancing dolphins’, check out the video blog from May 31st:

  • Peter Karwacki:

    Just in – Sarah Outens forced to withdraw from her row due to boat damage from typhoon Mawar.

    Good Luck.


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