Lt Charlie Martell has recorded the following message for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee:

And here’s today’s blog:

So, it was an early start this morning, woken by the petrels (whom I suspect may have been kipping on deck!). As I came out of my cabin, I noticed the morning to be still… not a noise in the air. The ocean calm, not flat calm, but almost. I heard a splash and just a few hundred metres away from the stern of Blossom I saw a couple of dolphins leaping out of the water silently, only to splash back down… they did this several times before making their way away from me. A great start to the day.

Porridge (again!) for brekkers, then I was on the oars for 0500. I’m fairly happy with the progress made today, it’s not been really tough, but certainly not easy either. As I came towards the end of rowing, the dolphins made another appearance, but didn’t hang around for more than a few minutes… not more than ten minutes later, I spotted a flying fish, just the one and it looked like a giant dragonfly as it seemed to effortlessly cruise through the air, before submerging again!

Today not only marks the 1st day of June, but also the end of week 4 for Blossom and I. As we start week 5 tomorrow, I will be thinking of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Charlie

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