Double bonus this morning: an iPadio phonecast from Charlie…

…plus a written blog:

A really amazing sunset yesterday as I was eating my evening meal… followed by quite a good sleep. I imagine that you’re looking at the chart thinking, “more pretty patterns by Blossom & Charlie”… and yes, it’s true. The good news is, we haven’t drifted too far away from where I dropped the para-anchor yesterday. Today has been a day of admin – washing clothes, cleaning and tidying Blossom – and resting. I’m less achy and less sore than yesterday, so recovering well and will be ready for the next rowing phase very soon. Reading more Sherlock Holmes, writing replies to messages and… opening a few envelopes. Two envelopes from my dear God daughter, Eliza Blossom (whom my boat is named after) and an envelope from lovely sister, Lizzie. In one of the envelopes from my God daughter was a dolphin, made from Chinese Red Jade. It is now secured to the ceiling of Blossom, next to St Christopher. In the envelope from my sister was a big bar of morale in the form of a Green & Black’s milk chocolate bar with crispy pieces. If you have ever seen or read Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, this to me is what Wonka’s chocolate would taste like – scrumdiddlyumptious! It’s amazing to think that while I’m out here on the Pacific Ocean, people in the UK, USA, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Lebanon, Japan and Iraq may well be reading this. If I have missed any countries, let me know and I will give you a shout out accordingly! Hope all well with you, wherever you may be :)

And still to come later: the video blog with the new camera angle!

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