So, another dawned on the para-anchor, with little to do but enjoy the downtime. The day started off quite grey, but the sun shone through eventually, so I have replenished my water containers and charged up as many battery operated items as I can – cameras, computer, iPod. I also did a stock check of envelopes and can confirm that there are 12 envelopes left, which feel like they contain a Green & Black’s chocolate bar… 3 per month…

I have also opened some envelopes today – from Ben Goss, Chairman of Give Them a Sporting Chance. Ben gave me 125 envelopes, all containing something. As it has been a few days since I opened any, I treated myself to four. Contents being, a highlighter pen, a girly pencil (?!?!), a multi-colour pen and a quote. Good job I have a pencil case (thanks Wigs) to put all these pens etc in! (Thanks Ben :) )

You may see from the tracker that I’m heading south west and have managed to do an almost perfect circle as I loop the loop! Going SW is not where I want to go at all, but as soon as the wind allows, I will be back at the oars and will recover these miles as I head North East.

Really great to read your messages, some really do make me laugh out loud, so thank you and please do keep writing.

As May draws to a close, what are your plans for June? For those Stateside, how about we try and increase the amount raised for Operation Second Chance?

Thank you All, Charlie

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