Flying Fish

It can't be a is it a fishprint?

After having a hearty breakfast of porridge with strawberries, followed by a coffee and a bit of boat admin, I pulled in the para-anchor just before 1000hrs local. At 1000hrs, I was underway and heading North. I had rowed for about 2 miles, when I was treated to another dolphin show, this one being the most spectacular so far. I’m assuming they enjoyed the music I was playing! As quickly as they had arrived and performed for me, they were gone again, leaving me to push on North and then North East. It hasn’t been hard rowing, but certainly not easy. The sea has been inky and gently rolling, allowing me at times to make good progress and at times it has been slow going. It’s not been a day of huge mileage so far (not finished yet), but am making progress in the right direction.

I noted earlier a blue print on the back of my satellite dome, on the bow of Blossom. I can only imagine that the colour and shape belong to a flying fish. I didn’t find one on deck this morning, so I hope it managed to keep on going…


  • Andy Stott:

    Hi Charlie…Just rowed the thames pageant in a replica 1805 frigates launch……..thought I’d done quite well til I saw this site……was put onto you by a mate of yours called Dave……keep it up, will keep on track….Rgds

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