Here’s Charlie’s overnight blog:

Extremely knackered… tried to get all the miles in last night, but made it to about 2200 local before I was really too tired to continue… was pushing it hard, so not surprising. I put the para-anchor out in calm seas and hit the sack. Although I was completely knackered, I found it hard to get to sleep, but once asleep, I didn’t wake until 0430, which is quite late for me here. I snoozed until 0545, then put the satcomms on and waited for Tony’s texts. I had another 18nm to go, nothing like a short sharp slap in the face on a Monday morning eh? Well, it’s not so much a slap when one realises that Tony’s trying to get me in the best possible (nearby) location before I’m faced with 56hrs of 20knot headwinds… 

So, I’ve been on the oars since soon after 0600 and am knackered… although the wind is light and there are no waves to speak of, it’s still hard work trying to punch forward, although I have made progress and as I write this 1015hrs local, I still have 11.5nm to go until I reach my waypoint. Bearing in mind that the wind is due to strengthen against me at 1300, it’s unlikely that I will make the waypoint in time. So, I will push on for a bit longer, then read the messages you’ve sent through and contemplate opening a bar of Green & Black’s tomorrow…

I went back to the oars, with the sole aim of closing down on the remaining 11.5nm to my waypoint, but after a small while, my body was screaming for me to stop and rest. I was dripping with sweat, I had removed my shorts to relieve some pain from the bum sores, but it wasn’t enough… As I stopped and put the oars down, some dolphins came by, lots of them! I can only hope that this was some kind of good omen. Tomorrow is after all, another day…

 I know have to get my body sorted out and hope that it will be somewhat recovered by Thursday, which is when the low pressure should have passed (if not sooner) and I can start to make progress east again. Meanwhile, I will be occupying my mind with reading my kobo, listening to music and reading your messages of support.

The video version will follow tomorrow!

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