Charlie called Shore Support this morning, as usual.  He’s exhausted – the first time I’ve really heard it in his voice during this voyage.  He’s going for broke over the next 24 hours; putting down as much mileage as possible, in less than perfect conditions, in order to minimise the effects of the low pressure system heading his way.  Some good news – forecast wind speeds are down, from the 45kts expected to less than 20kt.  Here’s his latest blog, straight from the sat phone…

Wow… I remained on the para-anchor for about 24hrs while the wind was not in my favour. Rowing against the wind is pretty much pointless as a solo rower. I received the forecast from my Shore Support Team (who are doing a fantastic job!) and the forecast was for light winds, building from the West and North West. So, after using my time on the para-anchor to rest, rehydrate and have some food, at 1800hrs Saturday (local), I took to the oars once again.

With music to keep me company, I promised myself a break at 2100hrs. Pushing Blossom along at 3nm was hard work and I relished my ”nine-o’clockers” (which was porridge with strawberries). I called my Shore Support Team to let them know that the Blossom Mobile (Ocean) Disco would be closing in 3hrs and that they should get their requests in soon… Midnight couldn’t come quickly enough. Maintaining the 3nm/hr pace was hard work and I was drenched in sweat, hands, forearms, elbows, back, backside and knees all screaming at me to stop.

Around midnight, a westerly breeze was due and I hoped that this would push Blossom along (and I was hoping she would give me 10nm). 0300hrs, I checked the GPS, the westerly didn’t seem to make an appearance and I was starting to be pushed South East… by 0600, I was being pushed south. So, back to the oars now, stiff and tired… but there is a low pressure (strong headwinds) due in 30hours and I need to make as much progress east, before I have no choice but to turn North.

Thank you for your messages of support. They are really appreciated and I do enjoy reading them. Shore Support does a fantastic job in ensuring I’m able both to read them, and send out replies.

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