Shore Support spoke to Charlie this morning, at about 1600hrs his time.  Overnight (our time) he’d drifted only five miles west, which he conceded was ‘not perfect, but not too bad considering’.  He’d been on para-anchor for most of the day but with the conditions switching into favour, he was preparing for a seven hour stint at the oars to take him east and back into another current – his ‘magic carpet’ – which will then take him north.  At about 50 miles wide, the current won’t be hard to miss, but he needs to be as close as possible to its centre, to reduce the risk of being ‘spat out’ as the next low pressure system moves in.  Having said that, provided he makes good progress into the current, there’s a strong chance he’ll be carried north and out of the worst of the weather system.

Fingers crossed – we’ll post an update from him as soon as we receive it.  This current could be the one that will move him well away from this tricky area and bring him miles again…

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