Charlie rowing

36 30.022N 152 21.202E

Having gone through frustrations and then having been pretty much cabin bound due to being on para-anchor and some rather miserable weather, including very bumpy and noisy nights, I took to the oars this morning. It was a miserable, grey, foggy, drizzly start to the day and I was in foul weather clothing for several hours, whilst making headway eastwards. It was slow progress, but progress all the same. Several hours later, the drizzle stopped… the sun started to burn off the fog and before long it was time to remove the foul weather clothing for shorts and t-shirt, hat and shades and sun screen!

At 1230hrs local, my AIS alerted me to a ship nearby and sure enough I could see a cargo ship. I called the ship via VHF (ship’s name “Spear Flower”) and we established that although we’re on a collision course, they did not need to alter course. They passed me (36 30.022’ N, 152 21.202’ E) with about 2 nautical miles to spare… as they continue on their way to Vancouver.

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