Shore Support spoke to Charlie this morning.  ”It’s been bumpy as hell out here today – and not even a nice day to go with it!  Seems to be no regularity in the waves’ onslaught – they’re coming at me from all angles today.  DotGogglers will have noticed that I’m moving NW at the moment; don’t worry, I don’t think I’m in any danger of re-entering the ‘Loop of Despair’ that I found myself in on Sunday.  We’re expecting a south-westerly later, which should last for a good 48 hours, during which I hope to again make some good mileage north-east.”

Our YouTube problems have not resolved themselves this end, so we’ve reverted to iPadio.  Using this, Charlie can broadcast directly from Blossom.  Here’s his first recording…

If you’re on iPad or iPhone (non-Flash) you might need to click here to hear him (opens in new window).

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