After rowing, after eating and when I’m ready for bed, I switch on my Kobo (thank you Kobo for your kind donation) and read… at present, I’m really enjoying reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. Another chapter (or two?) tonight methinks. So, I did read another chapter and like the previous chapters, it’s light hearted and easy reading. I’m on the para-anchor today, which means time for boat admin, then more Kobo time!

The reason I’m on the para-anchor? Lousy weather.  Tony’s told me that the NE wind you saw pushing me SSW yesterday is gradually going to veer to the SE, building to 30kts today and tomorrow.  Might be a job to keep reading in those conditions!  But on Thursday the wind goes more in my favour – a westerly – but will drop in strength.  So who knows – perhaps I’ll have the chance to crack on again, properly, on Thursday.

Back to Sherlock…

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