A difficult time right now… but thanks to my top Shore Support Team, messages from supporters and the inspiration from one particular person, today has not been so bad.

The person I refer to is Alistair Urquhart, “The Forgotten Highlander”. Today Alistair has inspired me no end. I challenge anyone out there to read his book* and not be inspired. I was fortunate enough to meet Alistair in January and we have been in contact since. He signed his book, so that I could bring it with me on my Pacific Challenge. I have it here with me, as well as his audiobook. It was listening to Alistair’s audiobook today that reminded me of some words he wrote to me, before I left Japan… “…my thoughts and encouragement will be with you, and my book to give you the strength and resolve to conquer all…” these words today kept me company and spurred me. Alistair, you’re a legend and I hope that we can meet again later on in the year. My best wishes to you, you’re one Highlander I shall never forget.

*The Forgotten Highlander: My Incredible Story of Survival During the War in the Far East

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