We heard from Charlie this morning.  Those of you following him on Twitter will know that this morning’s post revealed frustration at making such little progress – but there was a silver lining:

Am so chuffed to learn that a Euromillions winner has given all their winnings to my chosen charities via – all £20.00 of it! Fantastic, thank you Yvonne! 


When you see my track over the past 12-24 hours, you will notice what look like pretty patterns… this end, they’re not pretty patterns, but show how little control I have over going in the direction I want to go. What a day… I’ve known for some time that the first couple of weeks will be the hardest, but today has been the hardest day for me mentally and physically so far. The previous two weeks of big gains and good rowing etc has come to an abrupt end – at least for the time being anyway. I was on the oars this morning for about 0500 local time, full foul weather kit as there was some rain and I was rowing in parallel with the general wave pattern, therefore risk of being soaked as well. I knew it be a hard day and I know the next few days will be as hard, possibly harder, as the wind shifts from being almost in my favour, to being completely against me. My plan today was to try to row as far as I could, anywhere between 060 and 090 degrees… but with a current against me of 0.5knot and a NNW wind, my progress has been dismally slow and utterly tiring. By my boat calcs, I’ve been rowing about 7 hours – and decided to have a morale break/snack, which is when I checked the GPS and it was the bearer of bad news… although I have rowed an OK distance, in real terms I have rowed less than 5nmiles, Distance Made Good (DMG) towards the USA. Ouch.

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