LATEST UPDATE 19th May 2359

We cut this video blog just in time, while it was still valid for the right day!

Here’s his written blog for today:

Another bumpy night, while Blossom carried me through 25knot winds, heading erratically north with a fraction of east thrown in as well. It gets light around 0330/0400 now, so at 0430 I planned to head out on deck to row. I checked my GPS and AIS (Automatic Identification System) and noted there was a ship approaching, in fact the GPS was suggesting that we were on a collision course. I switched on the radio and had a chat with the Captain. He and his ship were on their way from Panama to Japan… he came up quite close, I could see the crew taking pictures! Then, as soon as he had appeared, he had gone… Whilst out on deck. I noticed that a flying fish had decided stay the night aboard Blossom… it was its final sleep. I tried rowing in the howling wind and huge swell this morning, but to no avail. The wind is pushing Blossom east and that’s good enough for me. It’s likely that the next 7 days will be quite tough mentally. The weather forecast isn’t great and I may not be able to row very much. I will row as and when I can and keep heading towards the International Date Line. I understand that my tracker may not be playing at present, but we are trying to sort the problem out. I do have a second system onboard, should the primary not work anymore. Have a great weekend. Cheers, Charlie

And to put this into context, here’s Tony Humphreys (Shore Support Devon) with the latest on the weather:

“He should have made reasonable progress overnight, though likely more easterly than the required 60⁰ COG. He has 25-30kts of NW breeze forecast again for today so he’ll be struggling to keep his course under 090⁰. This time tomorrow the wind drops off but unfortunately goes N then NE-E over the following 36 hours before the next system starts to arrive with 25-30kts again. Without doubt this is a tough route and he’s getting his fair share of some seriously heavy conditions to contend with.”

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