You might have noticed that Charlie’s position on the map hasn’t changed.  There’s no concern; we spoke with him at 0900hrs this morning and he has no issues, other than an easterly wind and a problem with current that caught his para-anchor and dragged him westwards.  Winds have now calmed and he was expecting to make better headway today, recovering some of those lost miles.

Our concern lies with his tracking device.  This is a GPS unit that is configured to send an automatic message every two hours, comprising his co-ordinates, the time, temperature, bearing and altitude (shown when you click on the map points below), plus some extra information to which only Shore Support has access.  We’re not sure why this isn’t working, but the last transmission was received at 0300BST.  Of course, we’ve spoken to him and had communication since then; the issue is only with the transmitter.  Charlie probably won’t be aware that it’s playing up, so we’ll have to wait until we can raise him by ‘phone again.  Meanwhile we’re liaising with the technical team this end to make sure it’s not a more mundane problem with internet data transmission somewhere else in the loop.

We’ll keep you posted.

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