For all you dot-gogglers out there, it’s time to get serious.  Shore Support Devon (Tony) reports that with the improving weather, we should expect to see some further rapid progress across the map.  At the time of writing, we’re expecting Charlie to have foregone his blissful calm weather as per the blog below; instead he’s likely to have strapped himself back into the sleeping bag and bracing himself against southerly winds of 30knots and more.  We expect those to last until 0600 tomorrow morning, so it’s unlikely he’ll be getting much sleep tonight!  But it’ll drop down again tomorrow morning, which we hope will allow Charlie another day on the oars to make further progress east.

“Combined with the freshening southerly breeze, I expect Charlie will achieve a better COG and corresponding DMG [check the Stats page to understand the lingo!],” says Tony.  ”Soon, the current makes a big dive south so if the strong southerly wind doesn’t blow him out of the current, we’ll need Charlie to put in some effort rowing NE to break himself free of the ‘magic carpet’ he’s been sitting on since leaving Choshi.”

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