I woke at around 0400 local time to the sound of water gently lapping against Blossom’s hull. The first thing I noticed was the quietness outside and how stable Blossom was. Climbing out of my sleeping bag I went out on deck to the most calm of days. The water was almost still. The sky a perfect blue. Not a sound. No sign of life anywhere. So tranquil and so very different from the past few days.

Having had a wash and some breakfast, I looked over the side of Blossom and saw some small fish – see embedded videos below – so I attached the video camera to the boathook and dunked it overboard to try to catch the fish on cam. They’re certainly not camera shy! I’m not sure what these fish are called, but please, if anyone does know, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Soon afterwards, I was about to take to the oars when I saw some dolphins in the distance. I tried to get them on video camera, but they were too far away for the camera to pick up. It was quite a sight. They were about 200-300m away and I could see each of them jump out of the water, silhouetted against the blue sky, before they splashed back into the water, the white of the water contrasting with the blue of the Ocean. One dolphin swam past Blossom, only about 10m away, but didn’t break the surface, just casually cruised by. What a start to the day!

Finally, I took to the oars and later on, more dolphins played, again too far away for the camera. I also saw this one cheeky fish, about 18in long and silver, jump out of the water, flick its tail towards its gills before hitting the water again. This fish did this several times, then disappeared. Some hours later, it was back again, showing off again. Neither time was long enough to grab the camera :( If the opportunity arises again, I will try to get it on cam.

Has someone sent me a guardian, in the form of some birds? I see the same seagull almost every day, it comes to see me a couple of times each day, then disappears… The same can be said for some smaller birds, two of them, which I think may be petrels.  I hope I can get them on cam and send them back for someone to identify…

It’s been an amazing and beautiful day on the Ocean today, but with the wind strengthening from the south, I’m probably in for a couple of days worth of bumpiness.  But if it means more calm days like today afterwards, bring it on!

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