Blossom-mail delivery (12th May – delayed in transit!)

Dear Alistair, Great to hear from you. I do have your book with me and my sister also wrote your previous email onto the ceiling of my cabin. So, your strong words of encouragement are very much with me. It’s not been easy so far, but I am sure it could have been much, much harder. The harder days are yet to come, but it’s fine. I’m waiting for them. I hope you’re well Alistair. Have a great weekend (are you off dancing?) Charlie.

Hi Valerie, All ok thanks. Blossom is awesome. She’s been battered consistently by waves and still we plod on. I trained on the ergo 6 years ago, prior to my Atlantic Row. It wasn’t the best way to train (2 hours on, 1 hour off, 1 hour on daily) as my right elbow became damaged through repetitive strain injury. Callouses are taking their time… they’re being bashful, but they will show themselves in due course. You see? Being in London is probably more dangerous than being out here! Hope you’re all fixed up soon. Have a great weekend. Cx

Hi Hels, Thanks for your messages. Mentally I’m fine thanks – I talk to myself and to Blossom from time to time but am ok thanks. I like your ”mindfulness” info. Interesting. I will certainly keep it in mind for when the down days come… as I’m sure they will. Only two blisters on two blisters ate the moment. Nothing to worry about. It would have been Adrian retweeting you. :) Cx

Hi Harry, Great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. You know more so than many others, that this is just the beginning… still a long way to go yet. That said, although I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely. So many messages of support it’s overwhelming! :) Beaulieu brings back military nightmares for me… on the Army Compressed Air Divers Course as was, we spent an afternoon at Beaulieu in our dry suits, being beasted through the mud. Ah fun times! Please pass my best to Sam and indeed to Dee. I hope we can reach £50 – £25k for Toe. Cheers Harry. Charlie


Hi Rick, Laura, William, It certainly has been blowing hard. It’s eased off a bit for now, but the wind direction isn’t due to change until Monday, then I hope I can start making some mileage NE. Blossom is indeed providing me with safety and relative comfort. It would of course be amazing to see you in SF. I realise you may not make it but fingers crossed buddy. Regards to all. Cheers, Charlie


Ben, thanks. I hope you have a great weekend at Shore Cottage. Am thinking of you, looking out across the water… I’m looking right back at you! Take care, Charlie


Hi Sarah & Gulliver, Sunday? Excellent. I hope you get a good weather window and a safe departure from Choshi. All the best from the big blue :) Charlie

& Blossom x


Hi Benjie, All ok here thanks. Thanks for your support and kind words. Hope you’re well. All the best, Charlie


Hi Adam, Great to hear from you. Ah the loop… I was (un)reliably informed that there were mermaids in the area… I thought it would be rude not to check it out! Hope you enjoyed your time in Gloucestershire. All the best,Charlie

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