Here’s my first video diary:


UPDATE 14th May 1127BST

Already it seems like forever since I was in Choshi with family, friends and Shore Support. Since leaving on 5th May, Blossom has amazed me. I don’t normally get all soft and gooey over things like boats, but Blossom is not an ordinary boat. Blossom is my life support whilst on the Ocean. She provides me with shelter, relative comfort for me in the aft cabin, which is also where my watermaker is located as well as my satellite phone, pc, GPS and various other electrical switches and displays. In both the forward cabin and below decks is where my food, cookers and gas is stored, all conveniently tucked away for when I need it.

On two occasions within the last 48hours, I’ve been in my cabin and there’s been a thunderous bang, simultaneously, Blossom has lurched to port, having been well and truly smashed by a large wave. I have clung on for dear life, hoping that we’re not going to capsize (that would be a pain in the neck, probably literally too!) and yes, Blossom has levelled out while I peer out through the hatch and see us up to the gunwhales in water… within a few seconds, Blossom has shrugged off the water and ready to crack on again. My only disappointment throughout both ordeals, is not being able to capture it on video… next time perhaps!

Beautiful sunny day today and a rather nice morale boost in the form of a bar of Green & Black’s chocolate… scrumdiddlyumptious! I’m glad there were no whales, dolphins, mermaids etc to share it with… it was just me, myself and I…

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