Blossom-mail – Charlie’s replies (14th May)

Charlie writes: “These are a morale boost and are certainly entertaining. Whether I have time to reply when I start rowing ‘properly’, who knows. Anyway, fantastic!”

Hi Suzy, the time that has passed, feels a lot longer than just 7 days, but I am happy with distance so far! I’m ok thanks. I know that the first two weeks will be my toughest, but the first month or so will be equally hard. I have written a few notes, but I have no plans to write a book. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I’m being shown, it’s amazing and it certainly does help keep me positive :) Thanks so much Suzy, Charlie x

Hi Jake, Thanks very much. One week done… how many more to go?! Hope all well with you. Cheers, Charlie

Hi Richard & Deborah, Hmm… I’m not sure if one of the oars is lazy, but I can tell you that Deborah’s rowlock squeaks a lot,, so I have to top her up with fresh water every now and then to keep her quiet. Fantastic effort by Charm’s skydive, raising £2k for Toe in The Water. Hope you’re both well. Charlie

Hi Valerie, Thanks! Refuelled. Morale good. No complaints :) Charlie x

Thanks Billy – much appreciate mate.

@Stephen Kay – Thanks very much. I think I may be safer out here on the oggin than going to the 1st Sapperfest. Have a great time. UBIQUE!

Hi Wigs, Great stuff, thanks for the update. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to BPS. Under 4,000 miles will be my first “milestone” :) Winston Churchill’s quote is on port cabin wall for me to read daily! Disappointed Claire didn’t come up with morale (pics) as discussed at yours! Hope all well. Charlie x

Hi Rupert, Becs, Freddie, Henry & Charlie – fantastic to hear from you. I did have a wee note from Becs’ Mum & Dad a few days ago – once again, it’s been too long! My fault – will rectify when I return to the UK. Hope you’re all well, thanks! Charlie

Hi Lauraine, Great to hear from you. How are you, J, F & E? All well I hope. Yep, talking to Blossom :) I really don’t feel alone here… it’s a funny feeling. Maybe it’s all the support? I’m doing ok at the moment, how long this will last, who knows. The point is, there are ups and downs so, when they come they will go as well. I would love to build a barn conversion around Blossom… Chossom indeed, lol! Beard is still very short – only a week’s worth. I will probably shave it for the Queen’s Jubilee… Love to all :) xxxx

Hi Marion, Great to hear from you, although I suspect you were bored when you wrote and that there was nothing on tv worth watching… that with Y being away, well what else to do but to write to me? hehehe I’m really well thanks. Hot day today, tan is coming along and the beard is approaching the ”too long to be stubble” stage. Chuffed that you like the new stats table and the additions. It’s my bro-in-law Adrian (Y & M know him) who is responsible for the teasing and additions – he’s doing a grand job. Please pass my best to Y & M, I hope they enjoy their cocktails and their time alone/together. Take care Marion and thanks for your support :)

Hi Ben – thanks for your message mate. Much appreciated. Hope you’re well. Charlie

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