Website messages – Charlie’s replies

* Rob Jess James: Thanks Jess. Hope all well. Charlie

* Tari: Hi Tari. Good to hear that Sarah is now safely on her way. It was a

sad moment for me when Kaz turned Tella back to Choshi… Hope Kaz didn’t

get too sea sick! Charlie

* Jane Risbey Bosch: Thanks Jane :)

* Smiler Graybrook: Cheers Smiler :)

* Dodge: Cheers. Long way to go yet, but will try.

* Sharon: “IF”?! Still more chance of a BLT than a pic let alone a BCT! x

* LSC: Thanks All at LSC. I’m not missing the desert right now… but

enjoying the deep blue Pacific!

* Yoko & Eddy:  Great to hear from you again. I hear Sarah has now

departed – I hope you gave her a warm send off. I don’t envy you the train

journey though. All the best. Charlie

* Phil Halford: Thanks very much Phil and Jake. I hope you don’t get

addicted to watching the dot! Cheers, Charlie

* Christine: We all have to sleep at some point :) Thanks for the quote

Christine. Charlie

* Phil Davis: Hi Phil, sea legs sorted, but keep twatting my head getting

out of the cabin. No probs, if I keep doing it, my head will have a groove

to facilitate easier exit. Regards to all at 217. Regt and 29 Gp flags


* Ian H: Thanks Ian. Hope you and J are well.

* Lauraine Cheesman: Lizey said “astonished”? I wasn’t using words like that

at 5, but suspect my sister was! No mermaids Lizey :( Miss you Beautiful God

Daughter – hope you’re storing up some special hugs for your Godfather :)


* Smudge: Cheers Smudge. Regtl flag flying :)

* Richard: Thanks for your kind words :)

* Fiona Ruddy: Fiona, it’s only been what 12-14 years since Angola days? Saw

Seb M in Tokyo. See you in just a few months in SF! How cool. Take care,


* Jules Ward: If you can drag yourself away from dot watching, you might get

that job! ;) Thanks Jules xx

* Amelia Martell: You’re just down the “road”, maybe I should take a right

turn?! Hope you’re all well. Thanks Amelia, Chris, Sonny & Jem – Charlie xx

* jojo: You still suffering from food poisoning yourself? Yes, Zac and Alfie

Jeavons-Fellows – top boys. Lilos… hurry up! Love to you and Coates xx

* Al Smith: Cheers AL. Hope you and J are well.

* Richard Dunnett: More than a 20th? Excellent! Not far now then :)

* Phil Harnett: Yes, not sure what we sniffed… wasn’t glue… maybe just

ocean air… :) Thanks for the follow :) Charlie

* Sarah and Gulliver: Rain yesterday, blue sky today… :) Hope you and

Gulliver are both good and well :) x

* Mike B: Thanks Mike :)

* Mabrok /Basra: Thanks very much Mabrok. Hope you and the team are well.

* Del Boy: Thanks Del. Looking forward to fizzy pop with you on the other

side. Meanwhile, hope leg is getting better. Cheers.

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