Latest delivery of Blossom-mail (11th May)

Anything e-mailed to is read by the man himself.  He just can’t reply to them all individually.  So he leaves it down to SSG (as opposed to SSD, who deals with the weather and techie stuff like that) to post all the replies here for you all to read.  These cover e-mails sent up to 9th May.  Enjoy.

@Georgie – saw the tweet from Matthew Pinsent!  He’s the second

person to call me unhinged, I take it as banter and in good humour.

Thanks for your thoughts and kindness. Hope all well. C x


@Mabrok – Salaam! Kayf? I am ok thank you. Hope you are well too. All the

best, Charlie


@Sol & Christina – Thanks very much – so you’re now in the US, full time?

Great! I hope we can spread the word Stateside and try to raise more $ for

OSC. Looking forward to seeing you in a few months :) C.


@Mick – thanks mate. The magic carpet is awesome! You’re probably aware from

the chart that I got flung off it, but am now back on it again. Hope you’re

well mate.


@Rio Magnum – thanks for your support, Charlie


@Phil Davies Hi Phil, thanks for your kind email and words of support, very

much appreciated. Hopefully I won’t be doing too many more circles, but will

hopefully keep plodding on eastwards… I was fortunate enough to receive

three sheepskin covers for my seats. Very comfy, with or without clothes and

no sore bits either. Just a few minor blisters on hands, which are to be

expected. Trust all well with you. Best regards, Charlie


@Lauraine – ah! A wobbly tooth! Yes, crikey I remember my first “wobbler”,

obviously a very long time ago now! Another bumpy night last night due to

wave direction, coupled with thunder, lightning and rain… it’s rained most

of today too, but am expecting strong winds from behind later! lol I think I

have scared the whales away, for now at least! Dot watching comes with a

Government Health Warning… it can be addictive and contagious! Love to

all, especially Eliza. I talk to Blossom from time to time, either in my

cabin, during storms, or when I’m rowing.


@Christine Arsenault – I think you’re mad ;-) An ultra distance marathon

swimmer… crazy! Thanks for your kind words. I’ve only been to Ottawa and

also Resolute Bay. Raining here today!


Dear Ben,

No naked rowing today! Rain, rain and rain… and high seas and strong

winds… but pushing east nonetheless.

Hope all well :-)




Hi Les Fromages,

There’s something hovering around me and it’s not the birds… looks like…

a big hug! :)

Thanks! xxxx



Hi Suzy,

It’s great being out here, but today has been a day of strong winds, high

seas and lots of rain! So, clothes back on, soaked wet through!

Did you meet with Shaun and Rob? Good guys.

Although I have two records, they’re not in the Guinness book. There’s not

enough space in the book for all the world records so, a select few make it.

Go Emily! Go for it!

Thanks for your kinds words Suzy,

C x


Hi Valerie,

Hope you enjoyed your trip to Japan. It was great to see you, particularly

for my departure… it felt really odd being alone finally.

When the weather calms, I will spin three times and spit, until then, your

good vibes will be here – thanks!



Hi Coates,

Well underway, thanks. A week now – almost and making progress east. Blossom

is doing a splendid job of looking after me.

No wine onboard, but a few small bottles of something… in case I need a

hot toddy, or perhaps to toast Neptune.

Hope you’re well.



Hi Yvonne and Team,

Thanks for your message – hope all well your end. Looking forward to seeing

you all when I get back.

C x


Hi Ruth,

That’s kind, thanks! All ok here.


C x

Hi Jane,

Thanks very much – and thanks for your kind donation.

Hope you’re well.



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your message. I’ve been called all sorts, mad, crazy, Matthew

Pinsent declared me “unhinged”, but you’re the first to call me crackers :)

Hope you’re well and thank you.


Hi Mandy,

Really chuffed that I’m no longer a dot, but in fact a line, with a dot :)

I have started to talk to myself and to Blossom and to the oars I’m

currently using “Richard” & “Deborah”






You offered to cook me a game pie… that’s it, I will not eat anything

cooked by you in the future!

Hope you’re much better now. Glad that dot watching got you through the


Massive thank you to Mummy Gibbs!

Thanks for your kind words jojo.

C xx


Hi Tari,,

Nope, don’t remember you, not a clue who you are. lol

The day after I departed was quite interesting. Strong winds, high seas,

rain etc. I didn’t sleep for about 2-3 days and eating was snacking due to

the sea state.

Great to meet you and thanks for the message.

Hope you’re well,



Hi Miss Marshall,

Belated Happy Birthday from the Pacific!

Bouncy day today. High seas, strong winds and I got soaked early on.

I haven’t seen whales since day 1 or was it 2? Not sure.

Thanks for your kind words :)

Well done on your essay. My father always told me to get the minimum

required score. At 13, I did. With my MA, I almost did! Both quite


It is lonely out here, but am OK, I don’t feel alone.

Take care,

C xxxx


Long time no see indeed!!!

Great to hear from you mate. What’s your news? Married? Kids? Living where?

Doing what?

Chuffed to hear from you!

Hope all well,



Hi Piers,

Great to hear from you, with what is no doubt a concise version of what is

actually happening in the news!

Ah, Alex and Lizzie slinking off eh? Good effort!

Thanks for your kind words.

All the best,


  • Ben Goss:

    Gales in Scotland are moderating,off to buy new foul weather gear,great ad for the chocolate bar!
    Much love,


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