Website replies (10/5)

If you’ve posted a message on the website then have a look for your reply below.  These are written by Charlie on-board Blossom, before being sent to Shore Support (Gloucestershire) and posted here.  If you’ve not found a reply, don’t worry – it’ll probably come in the next batch!

Mike Hands: thanks mate, still a long way to go… :)

Andy Newell: all ok thanks Andy. Non-stop rain and a bumpy ride today, lol

Ben Goss: bread making not possible here either Ben ;) Hope aga is fixed

soon. Almost time to open envelope number 3…

Alfie Jeavons-Fellows: Thanks for your kind words Alfie. Hope you and Z are

well. Love to Mum & Dad.

Bertie Newman: Hmmm… you should have a chat with Claire. No pictures were

received :( Would be going twice as fast if “A” was on my cabin door! Team

Adonis boat sounds interesting… rowing a knackered gin palace down the

Thames… hmm… Cheers!

Jules Ward: Would be great to see you and CS-R at the end… Can’t promise

I will be able to utter words other than “gibble” though. Great to hear that

Army beat the Navy at Twickers! Next year I hope to make it, but I’m not

doing any dance offs at the Grand! You’re getting old, mint tea, yoga.. what

happened to GI Jules? Bottles owed? Crates methinks :(

Tim Mizen: Tim, I can’t believe that the HS&E noticeboard has been

desecrated with Pacific 2012! I can imagine it though, the morning espresso,

chinwagging before the day has to kick off… your comment had me in

stitches though, so thanks! :) Hope all well and please pass my regards to

all – less my noisy neighbour!

Dave Buchanan: Nice one mate, thank you very much! Trust you’re well.

Suzy Belcher: Back on track and heading east! Hooray!

Sharon: Thanks for your kind words. I’m not convinced I will ever have the

pleasure of a BCT, but I would gladly have a BLT sandwich right now! Cheers!


Alfie Jeavons-Fellows: Great to hear you and Zac have joined Worcester

Rowing Club – and more importantly, that you’re enjoying it. Excellent! Best

of luck with your GCSEs next week. At least when it’s all done, it will be

holidays :) Not great weather here today, but tomorrow’s another day.

James Cheesman: Hi Mate, all ok thanks. Bumpy day, high winds, high seas,

lots of rain… but I’m heading east, which is great! I hope Eliza doesn’t

ask you about Mermen… then you’re in trouble. How will you explain? Love

to all mate, Charlie

Heather: Thanks for your thoughtful words “To dare is to loose one’s footing

momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself”. Excellent! Thank you.

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