UPDATE 1852 9th May 2012 – DAY 5

Yesterday saw Charlie complete his ‘mermaid’ loop; a frustrating 24 hours which saw him recross his own path three times, owing to unfavourable winds which blew him out of the all-important Kurushio Current. But when shore support spoke to him yesterday morning, he was back in control and setting an impressive line south again. As expected, he was having to row through the night in order to make best use of the prevailing conditions. A temporarily non-functioning compass light caused a few problems:

“Having got used to the balance of the boat in daylight, I’m having to readjust to working it out in the dark, without a horizon for reference and wearing a head torch pointed towards the compass. But the sea’s fairly calm and the wind’s dropped off.

“Blossom is an amazing boat. I just have to point her in the right direction and off she goes. Quality.”
Today’s achievement has been impressive: 36.47 nautical miles covered in the 24 hours to 1800BST today. Slowly but surely the dots are becoming a line; a line that’s reaching out into the deep ocean and snaking its way towards San Francisco…

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