Thanks for your messages!

Great to have all this support – thank you for keeping them coming, it’s so good to know you’re all following me and pushing me on :-)

@WPCD – thank you. Fond memories of CCJS days.

@Rick & Laura – thanks. Hope you’re both well. How’s William?

@Pino – thanks – you home now? Enjoy!

@Claire M – thank you :) x

@Richard & Deborah – Your oars doing the business!

@Dee Caffari – thanks! Hope you, H and J are all well. x

@Jerry Tremain – your support is appreciated :)

@Rob H – you’re in awe of me? You’re one of those ultramarathon loons, I’m

in awe of you!

@Catherine E-B – thank you. Please pass my best to your bro. You might want

to ask him if I’m on the right map/chart ;)

@Yoko & Eddy – great to meet you and great to hear from you. A pint or three

it will be! Thanks!

@Chris I – sunblock, good job I didn’t forget it (and my wardrobe of head

attire). All man-ed up now ;-) UBIQUE!

@Jojo – a hobby? Nah, you’re a dot watching addict now! x

@Cousin Ben and fellow Ocean Rower – Thanks Ben. Hope all well.

@Sarah Outen, fellow Ocean Rower – thanks. Hope you can depart soon. x

@Molly – thanks mate. Routine is being developed as days go on. Might have

it squared away by the time I finish ;)

@JJ – Great to hear from you and glad you’re escaping from hospital

imminently. Hope re-hab goes well. Very much in my thoughts. Take care xx

@Jeff G – the goodies are on board and are gratefully received. Many thanks.

@Kelly M – are you still scoffing pizzas at the hotel? Thought they would

have asked you to leave by now lol ;) Thanks!

@Rob A – Your words of kindness are a great boost. Thank you and your


@Harry Mayo – good to hear from you. I’m not a football fan, but well done

Chelsea. I’m more of a rugby man, alas I don’t play anymore. No blisters

(yet). Regards to your father.

@Heather – Yes, great to hear that we’re past the £10k mark for donations to

charity… I hope we can reach £50k! Any thoughts on how I can reach it?

Maybe a wee row across the Pacific?

@Rob H – Absolutely mate. From one extreme to the other! Hope all well

matey. I have my green lid with me.

  • Chris Innes:

    Haha, Glad to hear it, hope the weather sorts itself out for you soon and you get going in the right direction. UBIQUE !

  • Sharon Edwards:

    Rooting for you x

  • Heather:

    I probably like everyone else am dot watching, I will think of some ways to help reach your target but I dont’t think a wee row across the Pacific would do me even though ship building/sailing is in my family I do get seasick and rowing is bloody HARD WORK so I shall leave that to you Mr and your doing a good job.
    take care

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