No rowing – and reduced rations already!

A relatively calm night was enjoyed as I managed to grab a few hours sleep. Unfortunately, through the night the wind has pushed me North East and continues to do so. So, I shall remain on para-anchor – probably for the rest of the day. Wind strength should drop tonight and will undoubtedly be cooler, so I aim to row through the night and try to recover my course, east.

The para-anchor acts like a brake, much the same as a parachute reduces a parachutist’s speed of descent from the air. My para-anchor is deployed from the bow and while it acts like a brake, Blossom’s bow faces into the wind and waves, while we’re slowly pushed in the wrong direction.

Whilst on para-anchor, I’m on reduced rations… rations have been planned for days making forward progress, not for going backwards. So, plenty of water and some snacks today. It’s another hot day here!

As soon as the wind drops off a fraction, I will take to the oars again  :-)

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