UPDATE 1956BST 7th May 2012

Shore support’s now returned from our San Francisco recce (ahead of September’s arrival), so apologies for today’s delayed update.

We were in touch with Charlie overnight and he’s in good spirits, as some of you may have seen from his Twitter feed.  Thanks to the improved sea state, he’s been able to read the “so many fantastic messages” that you’ve all sent and also asks me to pass on his gratitude to those who’ve been making online donations through Justgiving (UK) and Firstgiving (USA), which has now pushed us through the £10,000 milestone – “I am really chuffed,” he says.

If you’ve messaged him recently, he’s probably replied – find your response below:


@Georgie – thank you. I’m happy to be out here, solo but not alone. “British

Rowing” on my bow cabin hatch, GTaSC above it.


@Miles, Bells, Poppy, Sophie, Lulla, Coco – thank you for your support. It’s

been almost a year since I saw you at the wedding!


@CheekiWeeki – don’t worry about swimming… I hate rowing, hate being

alone, hate boats and I’m a sinker too! lol ;-)


@Eliza (Blossom) – great to hear from you… what’s a Wobbler? Do you think

I might find one out here? xxxx


@Billy – thanks! Am flying 33 EOD flag, 29 EOD&S Gp flag and REYC Burgee.



@James B – no flying fish so far and no more whales (yet). Pacific is a

beautiful colour!


@Ben G – thanks, just Ade and me. Sponge and tommy k today! ;-)


@Tim W – thanks! Hope all well your end :)


@Valerie – whoops, for some reason I forgot and have been referring to

“Claire” instead of Kate – I was laughing (perhaps too much) at Kaz and

Kate! Whoops… nope, forgot that too!


@Mike C, @Anja, @Pete M, @Ian & Jo – thanks!


@Adam – OSC – looking forward to meeting you in SF :-) I hope there are more

US$ donated by the time I get there.


@Marion – thank you Mrs! Missing yours and Y’s banter!


@Wigs – great stuff, thanks. Blossom has been doing very well!


@Chris – I have no doubt the tough times are still to come!


@Mandy – red hot here again today ;-)


@Suzy – with all the hurdles we faced, to get Blossom on the water was

great. Tony has provided me with excellent weather advice, which meant

leaving with fantastic conditions. It was a tough first day, but so worth



@Jake – thank you very much. I hope Stanley & Katie don’t become too

addicted to dot watching. Please pass my best to all at the company. Leo’s

words are scrawled on my cabin roof (inside).


@Emily & Jamie – great to hear from you. Blossom has been performing really

well – particularly through two storms last night! Thanks!


@Elizabeth S – thanks :-)


@Jojo – right back at you, double strength!


@JW-B – great to hear from you! HALO days, gone but never forgotten! Beers

in the Dubs it is! Cheers!

As you’ll see from ‘the dot’ below, today’s not been such good progress – but also bear in mind that the most recent updates on the map cover his overnight period.  Dawn will break over Blossom soon and if the weather’s good enough to get back on the oars, we should see some eastbound progress again.

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