Charlie just called shore support. He’s in good shape and delighted with his progress so far.

“I’ve been on the para-anchor today but just deployed the drogue, because of the current conditions.  Very happy with the route the current’s taken me today; the GPS line looks pretty good!  I’m tired; it was a long day yesterday, I knew I had to reach the current and it took a lot out of me.  I’m tired; I haven’t slept properly, I haven’t eaten properly, so tired both physically and emotionally.  The cabin’s hot, 30 degrees, but because of the sea state I’m having to stay inside.  It’s making me feel sick.  Yesterday I saw three whales: big, but they stayed well clear of Blossom.  I’ll send pictures as soon as the sea calms down and I can maintain a satellite data connection.

“Emotional here in a good way.  Great to hear your voice.”

We were able to pass on some of the many messages sent so far; Charlie’s had a laugh at some of them but is humbled by all of them. He’s grateful for the continued donations too; that’s what his challenge is all about.  Please keep them coming, along with the messages.

WISH HIM WELL by e-mailing blossom@pacific2012.com.  Keep the donations coming too – he’s now only £55 away from reaching the £10,000 milestone:  www.bit.ly/pac_12 for the British charities and http://bit.ly/pac_12_osc for Operation Second Chance in the USA.

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