Departure date is set…

When Charlie’s facing 130 days at sea before reaching San Francisco, and knowing that he’ll have to take all the ocean will throw at him during that time – storms, high seas and enormous waves, without the ability to head for a safe haven – it seems strange to be so fixated about having the right weather for departure.  But there’s a good reason: Charlie must be able to row clear of the coast to avoid being blown back towards land and into a potentially difficult situation.  A favourable weather window, with calm-ish seas and friendly winds, will allow him to reach the Kurushio Current quickly and safely.  Once in its stream, Kurushio should carry Blossom at a speed of about 2-3 knots even without Charlie having to lift an oar; couple that with some strong rowing and Blossom should be able to cover 100 miles in a day.  That’s enough to see Charlie well clear of the coast…

Watch Tony and Charlie discuss weather in the video below…and find out for yourself when he’ll cast away from Japan on day one of his Pacific odyssey:

  • Richard & Deborah Young:

    Best of luck – keep your spirits up at all times.
    Lets hope the first set of oars perform well – Richard and Deborah

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