Family & Friends!

With Blossom having been released on Saturday, my shore support team (made up of Tony Humphreys (Ocean Pursuits), Adrian Bell ( and my sister) and I have been working all the daylight hours here in Choshi, Japan, to get Blossom ready for the Pacific Ocean. The days have been long, but we have achieved lots.

Blossom was lowered into Choshi Marina today, so we could carry out all systems checks. These included watermaker, GPS, AIS, VHF, Satphone including email and SMS and the video cameras. I took Blossom for a gentle spin around the marina to see how she sits in the water, allowing Tony to check her trim.  Meanwhile, I made some adjustments to seat and gates to learn if my rowing position felt good.

Prior to all these checks taking place, Ben Goss (friend and Chairman of “Give Them a Sporting Chance”) arrived at the marina with Valerie Burrus (friend, OG, sponsor and “Give Them a Sporting Chance” Team Member). With my father and family arriving on 28th, my entire shore support crew are here and helping out as much as possible.

It’s been a great few days, although sadly my team will start to leave on Wednesday.  But this will indicate the start of my challenge as I expect to depart Choshi on Friday, when the weather window presents the optimum time to leave for the Ocean.

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