Charlie departs London HeathrowAfter a late night, an early start and an M4 dash, Charlie this morning arrived at Heathrow en route for Choshi, Japan, for the start of his attempt to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.  Accompanied by sister Lizzie and campaign manager Adrian, the trio will arrive in Tokyo on Wednesday, via a circuitous route – Charlie eastwards, via Dubai; Lizzie and Adrian heading west via Detroit.

‘Blossom’ is expected to arrive in Tokyo on Thursday evening, then to travel by road to Choshi on Friday.  There follows a hectic weekend of preparation on the boat – checking systems, provisions, equipment and buying the few items that couldn’t be shipped, such as gas for the stove, before the waiting game begins: waiting for a suitable weather window to open.

Charlie needs to have favourable winds on departure from Choshi so that he doesn’t get blown back towards the shore – and those winds need to be favourable for long enough to ensure he can reach the Kurushio Current, which will carry Blossom east towards the United States.  At the moment, that window looks set to open on May 1st or 2nd…but everything could change in the next week!

We’ll have a better idea of conditions and expected departure times once we’re in Tokyo, 24 hours hence.  Needless to say, your campaign team will be keeping Charlie’s supporters, sponsors and charities up-to-date with the latest progress!  You can play your part by continuing to send Charlie your messages of support for the journey he’s about to undertake – and of course, if you’ve not yet visited his Justgiving page then here’s an easy link: donate now!

  • Rachel Woods:

    Good luck Charlie – fingers crossed for favourable weather!! x

  • Rick Gannon:

    Hey Charlie, stay strong both mind and body. We’ll be following you all the way wishing you a safe but exhilarating journey keep your eyes like plates and take lots of stills for us all to envy. Best wishes Rick, Laura & William

  • Andrew Perry:

    Charlie – Best wishes and lots of luck from all in Broomsgreen.

  • Rob:

    Charlie , good luck with getting Blossom out of Tokyo this weekend . I hope the winds and currents are with you . Mind yourself , all the best . Rob

  • Chris Martin:

    So excited for you Charlie. It’s the start of something amazing.
    Enjoy Choshi and don’t forget to pack an extra tin or two of food.
    Really looking forward to following your progress.

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