During my regular Army years, Friday afternoon was the time you could almost guarantee some last minute work would need doing, or there would be a reason not to let us have a “POETS” day (P*ss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday)…
On Friday 20th at 1730hrs, I received a message informing me that Blossom wouldn’t now arrive in Tokyo on Monday, but on Thursday pm instead. The knock-on effect of this is quite significant due to a Japanese national holiday taking place from this coming Saturday through until Monday (inclusive), then from Thursday through until Sunday (inclusive). This means, that if I’m really lucky, Blossom will be transported from Tokyo to Choshi on Friday Friday 27th, but will then be locked away in the marina until Tuesday 1st May… It’s possible that my departure from Choshi will not be before 7th May - weather dependent. 

So, current plan is to leave for Japan on Tuesday 24th, arrive Japan on 25th and hopefully free Blossom from Tokyo on Friday. The “Free Blossom” campaign is starting as of now! Need all your positive vibes guys n gals! 

As most of you know, I am raising funds for two UK based charities and one USA based charity. The charity in the USA is “Operation Second Chance” (http://www.operationsecondchance.org). The goal of Operation Second Chance is to provide support for the Soldiers and Marines while they are at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington DC and then to further assist them when they are in transition either back to duty or back to civilian life. If you would like to donate securely online towards my fundraising target for Operation Second Chance, then go to this link - http://tinyurl.com/bwmruo8

The two UK based charities are Toe in The Water and Give Them a Sporting Chance, both of whom I have been involved with for several years, both of whom have inspired me. 

The tri-service initiative Toe in The Water aims to inspire the men and women who have sustained often traumatic injuries, including the loss of limbs, to move beyond their disability and to become re-inspired by life.  Competitive sailing is a physically and mentally challenging adventurous sport and provides a unique opportunity for injured men and women to sail and race on equal terms with their able bodied contemporaries. 

Give Them A Sporting Chance is a registered charity which gives carers and those with disabilities, of all ages, the opportunity to make their sporting or recreational dreams come true. Since its foundation in 1990, many people have been helped. Sport and recreation play important roles in our lives, while the benefits and pleasures of participating in sporting and recreational events have become increasingly apparent. Those of us who can turn our dreams into reality are fortunate indeed. Give Them A Sporting Chance exists to help those special people for whom dreams are much harder to realise.

To donate online to help these two charities - http://www.justgiving.com/pacific2012 or you can send a text to PACR77, with the amount you wish to donate. 

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