Well, it’s been several years and several months, but finally I had the pleasure of rowing my boat “Blossom” out on The Solent, fully laden… basically in the same  state she will be in when I row her out of Choshi Marina, Japan in less than two months’ time.

Numerous thoughts raced through my mind whilst on The Solent… the enormity of the task I have set myself being at the fore… along with the inevitable loneliness that I will face for months on end… thinking of the reasons why I have set myself this challenge – those whom will benefit… the emotions that will grip me…

Many, many people have said I am mad, or crazy, or both… I’m starting to believe them!

  • Fred SHELLEY:

    As an old Cheltonian living in Fremantle, I wish you great fortune in your adventure.

    I used to play cricket against Beaudeset Park in the thirties when I was at Primary School.

    Good luck, I will be watching your progress. Dee.

  • Dan Loftus:

    Good luck Charlie!

    I have a question, if i may. Having to sustain such prolonged and repetetive physical exercise, what type of food will you be consuming and in which quantities?

  • phil ashwin:

    Clive Slatter put me onto this trip yesterday.
    All the very best
    Give it rocks!!

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