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Sol joined the British Army at 18 and served as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers, seeing active service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia (UN & NATO tours), 3 tours in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan. After 22 years of service Sol retires at the rank of Sergeant-Major, in a Quarter Master Sergeant Instructor’s appointment. In this last appointment Sol is also the Unit Fitness Training Officer advising on Unit Fitness and forming Policy to meet the needs of the Unit, in accordance with Army doctrine, to then physically and mentally prepare soldiers for arduous overseas Operations.

Sol was a Military Diver and is a Commando, possibly two of the most physically and mentally demanding courses in the British Army. Sollerer did his military diving courses as a young soldier, but did not do the Commando course until drafted into 3 Commando Brigade at 37 years old; after passing all the pre-requisite tests there were a further 12 weeks of gruelling testing before he crossed the finish line on the final commando test, the 30 miler, carrying 40lbs over undulating and unforgiving ground, in a time of 7hrs and 30mins, earning his Green Lid.

Sol has achieved the following training accreditations during his career serving in the British Army:

  • Awards Register Exercise Professionals (REPs)
  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Suspension Equip Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Circuit Trg Instructor
  • Mountain Bike Instructor
  • Mountain Leader
  • Rock Climbing Instructor

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